Track Bruce on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Bruce Kennedy has always been active athletically. He competed in the javelin at the international level of track and field, and was a three time Olympian. He was recently inducted into the University of California Hall of Fame. Since his retirement from competition in 1984, he has enjoyed running as a means to keep fit. Just before his 50th birthday he ran his first marathon and few months later, in June 2001, finished the prestigious “Comrades Marathon”, a 54 mile race held in South Africa. The distance running soon took a toll on his left knee, already damaged by years of javelin throwing, and in 2003 he was advised a knee replacement would be necessary “in the future”.

Bruce put off having joint replacement surgery for many years, fearing invasive surgery and the possible reprecussions. In 2010, Bruce attended a Coon Joint Replacement educational seminar in Santa Barbara, where he met Dr. Coon. As they say, the rest is history... On May 25, 2011, Dr. Coon performed a total joint replacement surgery on Bruce’s left knee.

“It was pretty obvious to me that the minimally invasive procedure Dr. Coon has perfected required less cutting of soft tissue and muscle. That can only mean one thing -- less discomfort and pain afterwards, and a faster healing process. Post surgery, I have more flexibility than I have had in years.” Bruce was back to hiking and walking his dog on the beach within 2 weeks of surgery.

In October, 2012, Bruce and his daughter, Heather, successfully climbed to the top of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 states. “As Bruce stated the day after their climb, “My Coon knee was perfect. Not a single problem and zero swelling afterwards. Now to get ready for Kilimanjaro.”

And get ready they are. Bruce and Heather are training for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in January, 2013. Follow this fascinating story.